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“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Founders Backpack



For many, choosing a backpack for its utilitarian purpose is the sartorial equivalent to a fashion statement.  It’s a badge you wear that defines your personal style.  ​ Backpacks are youthful, less serious than a briefcase, and more convenient to carry than a purse.  The ability to carry what you need in one bag, while keeping your hands free to multi-task has made the backpack the ideal choice for the fast paced, modern commuter.


Metrosak has curated a great selection of high-quality leather backpacks skillfully handmade by master artisans from around the world.  Without the unnecessary extra straps and flaps, our backpacks have minimalist design and sleek silhouettes, lightweight and easy to carry.  Many have versatile convertible designs that allow you to wear it multiple ways to help avoid shoulder pain.  You can wear them comfortably on your back, as a crossbody, or simply carried by hand.   


From the office to the gym, and everywhere in between ---- our backpacks will effortlessly carry you from the workweek through the weekend!


Premium Quality Leather.  Skillfully Handmade.


Metrosak celebrates creativity and quality, support fair trade and ethically made goods.  Our mission is to connect the artisans, craftsmen, and small entrepreneurs to a global marketplace of socially conscious customers.  As consumers, we have the power to promote the most ethical organizations and businesses who support the local artisans in their communities. 

Artisans bring tradition and a little romance to what it means to create with their hands as humans.  Their work becomes an expression of their culture and a contribution to the collective heritage of humanity.  They adopt traditional technologies as they take raw material and transform it skillfully.  They spend hundreds of hours bringing to life, one by one, products that will stand the test of time, as they continue to strive for balance, beauty, and perfection.

By purchasing their creations, you are supporting the artisan's livelihood, and ensuring their ability to continue their craft and share their knowledge and skills onto others within their own communities.

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